Two steps forward, one step back.

By , August 3, 2009 8:40 pm

I guess it’s actually three steps forward…

First, I took the beastie out to a friend’s in Leesburg today.  I needed to run the engine for a bit to get the batteries charged back up and to see if the engine charged the coach batteries.  I found out that it does.  That’s a good thing. Of course, I think it should also charge when plugged in, so I’m still working on that.

While in Leesburg, we managed to get quite a bit done.  We junked the old radio and installed a new one.  We also replaced the front speakers and added rear speakers.  Much better now. 🙂

Another friend who also happens to be an electrician stopped by (mostly to check out the beastie), but we convinced him to tackle some electrical work while he was there.  He quickly and easily installed a new surge supressor for the RV.  Considering that it’s a 30 amp 110v circuit, I’m glad he did it and not me. 🙂

Unfortunately, on the way home, the front brake started overheating.  It’s probably sticking and needs to be replaced.  Unfortunately, since it now overheats (quickly), we can’t drive it anywhere to get it fixed.  So, I’m going to take a look at it tomorrow and see if I can noodle through it.  If I can’t, then I guess we’ll be making use of that new AAA plan real quick. :S

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2 Responses to “Two steps forward, one step back.”

  1. Karl P says:

    Brakes are easy. Even if you’ve never worked on them before, read about how the system works online, and you should be able to understand it. It’s good learning too, because I wouldn’t want to travel any distance without a full comprehension of the braking system, and the tools to work on them. Which brings up another good point. Even with AAA, make sure you bring a good set of tools wherever you go. You may find yourself in a situation that requires immediate attention, and if it’s a remote location, it could take a considerable amount of time for AAA to respond. You never know.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Karl… good points. We decided to have it towed for a number of reasons. The first is that the e-brake is useless and we have a 15 degree driveway. That makes working on me Jeep difficult, let alone the RV that wants to go visit my neighbors across the street. 😉 We’re having the shop fix the e-brake as well as the front.
    The second reason is timing… we have to be on the road next week for a trip to Tennessee and I’m not entirely sure I could get it done by then. I don’t know what parts I’d need to get or where to get them yet. We just thought it was far more likely that a knowledgeable shop could get done before we need the RV for the trip. I’ve also got a replacement windshield winging it’s way to another shop, so that impacts the time even more. I’d like to get the brakes done and still have time to get the windshield installed when it shows up. We me monkeying on it, that might not happen, even if I order the right stuff.
    I did take a look at the brakes and I can probably manage the job if I had to. I’ve replaced the brakes a couple of times on the Jeep and these look to be about the same level of complexity, with the addition of an ABS sensor. If I *HAD* to do it, I’m reasonably confident that I could.
    This time, the circumstances just didn’t line up for me to tackle the job.
    Oh… I already carry a pretty decent tool system, but it will be getting some additions before we hit the road. It’s always good advice to carry the tools you need to get you somewhere else. 😉

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