Odor Be Gone!

By , December 30, 2009 9:34 am

As with any brick and mortar place (aka house), it may take some time after you have moved in before you can call it “home”. There is always cleaning (again!), some painting and maybe some remodeling. The same applies to living in an RV. 

This RV has the layout and scheme we wanted. It has good “bones”. But it stunk! There was cigarette smoke, stale air, gaseous odor and a “funky” smell we couldn’t put a finger on. It was a challenge!

So we took action to root out the smell. After some time and effort, we finally got the cigarette smoke, stale air and the gaseous odor out. But the “funky” smell was still there!

We have done the following:

Jonathan realized I was going to ‘drive him crazy’ or ‘break his home’ by rooting behind things I shouldn’t if we didn’t find the “funky” smell.

So, he set to work. He removed the tool rack behind the holding tank bay and inspected the area for leakage and cracking. Nothing was amiss, no leakage or cracking. Excellent! There was a seal or caulking around one of the tube that could use some resealing so Jonathan took care of that.

While Jonathan was working outside, I set to working inside. I found in the washer/dryer manual under "maintenance” about the checking the ‘pump in the pre-chamber area’.  It stated that this area can occasionally get clogged. I opened the pump and it smelled to high heaven! I cleaned the areaimage and wiped it dry.

So, that  “funky” smell was the smell of sour water. I am leaping for joy that we no longer have that “funky” smell. The “funky” odor is GONE! It’s finally “home sweet home”. 

Here is the pump in the pre-chamber area.

 PreChamber2 Pump


For good measure, we have ordered Xtreme Vents from Coiln’ Wrap to replace the old roof vents.  We are also going to replace both vent caps under the sinks (one under the galley, one under the bathroom) with the Studor Mini-Vent cap.

We have already replaced the cap under the bathroom. The one under the galley/kitchen sink will have one soon.

 vent_New Vent_Old 

Here is to an odor free home! Odor be gone! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Odor Be Gone!”

  1. Jay says:

    Great work finding and curing the odor prob. We have high Radon gas in our house,does not smell but gives you cancer, dont know why I waited 6 years to test, but need to install pipe around edge of basement and exhaust air pump needs to run continually till Kingdom Comes, so we are glad you solved your air and plumbing issues. Did you ever test your old house for Radon? Jay

  2. Eric says:

    Another parallel between boats and RVs – we call it the “holding tank” on the boat. It holds the output from the “head” (toilet). Here’s one tip I learned about holding tanks – the bacteria that cause the really bad odor are mostly anaerobic (did I spell that right?) – that is they flourish under low exposure to air. One of the keys to making sure the holding tank does not stink is to make sure it is adequately ventilated so the “good” (aerobic) bacteria can breathe. It’s pretty counter intuitive but I can tell you it works. The better the tank can breathe, the better it will smell.

    There’s a lady named Peggie Hall who has written a good bit about marine sanitation systems – you might google for her and see if anything she has written is helpful in the RV world.

    Also, there are some biological cleaners (beneficial bacteria) that will really help with odor removal. I used one on my boat when I had some bad smell from a leaking holding tank (NASTY!). The stuff I used was called Captain Chomp. I don’t know if it’s still available but it worked really well.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Dasy says:

    Jay – I’m not sure if we tested it for radon. It has been almost 10 years since we did any type of inspection/tests on it. The house was built in 1978, when lead paint was no longer used (for this particular development anyway).

    Eric – thanks for the info. I’ll check out Peggie Hall. I’m all for good bacteria! 🙂

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