“Can you hear me now?”

By , January 21, 2010 4:27 pm

Since we have moved out to Central Florida we have had sporadic cell coverage with AT&T.

This week we switched over to Verizon and got the new Droid phones. And we have signal! We even have signal in the Ocala National Forest. It came in handy this morning!

It’s so good to be connected again!

Hubby got the Droid by Motorola and I got the Droid Eris by HTC.

Droid_Motorola ERIS_HTC

We are enjoying our new gadgets and the coverage. 🙂

Those of you that have our numbers, feel free to call us.

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6 Responses to ““Can you hear me now?””

  1. Jay C says:

    Droid phones lookin good! like the TV ads, happy with our at&t prepaid phones in ol VA, I will keep in mind the service in FL if we head down we need Verizon. Heading to Aruba, Dominica,& St.Thomas Jan.24-30 on Royal Carribean Adventure of the Seas, Join us and recover from the FL cold snap. Helped Haiti with extra to WT. Jay & Shirl C

  2. Dasy says:

    I like my new phone alot! I love the variety of applications for the phone. I have one for tracking service time. So cool! Enjoy the cruise, wish we could join you guys but we have a few things going on here. Pls give our love to Mary & Roy too.

  3. Karl P says:

    So, which is better, the Motorola Droid or the HTC Droid Eris? Any specific pros/cons of either model worth mentioning? Do you find the Eris harder to use without a hardware QWERTY keyboard? I like a hardware keyboard on my phones, but I have iPhone-owning friends who swear that hardware keyboards are unnecessary and will disappear on all smartphones in the fairly near future. I’m not so sure.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Hmm… tough question. It’s hard to say because they both do most things well, but they each do things a bit differently. The Droid has a newer version of the operating system, soon to be updated again. The Eris is a couple versions behind. The Droid has the hardware keyboard (one of the main reasons I got it), but I actually don’t use it very much… It doesn’t take long to get used to the onscreen keyboard.
    Droid does turn-by-turn directions, Eris doesn’t. But, the Eris is probably better at being a phone. The interface on the Droid is a bit clunky and has some minor irritating issues. The Eris seems to be much friendlier and makes more sense. It’s also got a bunch more screens and some very nice HTC-only applets. HTC generally does an excellent job on the interface for their phones and it shows on the Eris. Unfortunately, the Eris is kind of slow compared to the Droid.

    In short, I think the Eris is a better phone, but the Droid is a better gadget. It just depends on what you’re looking for.

    Note to those not familiar with the Droid series of phones: They aren’t normal phones, they’re “gadget” phones. If you want to check the weather, have access to multiple email accounts, tweet on the move, store and play your music and chat to your friends on your phone, one fo the droids might be a good choice. If you’re just wanting to make and receive phone calls and send the occasional text message, they’re probably not what you want… they’re incredibly complicated.

  5. Barb says:

    W&e switched from Verizon to AT&T because our children both have iphones and we wanted to be on the same network. We are unhappy with AT&T because our coverage in remote areas is awful. Wish we could switch back.

  6. Jonathan says:

    We’re kind of worried about our coverage once we start travelling. What we’ll probably do if we have issues is to get a pay-as-you-go phone from another carrier for areas where Verizon is weak. Most of my clients have my Google Voice number, which I can route anywhere, so that makes it a bit easier to do stuff like that.

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