A Tale of Two Jeeps

By , March 21, 2010 7:08 pm

Or…  “Getting Ready to Roll”

While we’ve mentioned it to a few of our friends and family, we haven’t made any huge official announcements or anything.   We’re heading out of our “winter home” at the beginning of April (which is rapidly approaching).  That’s part of why we haven’t done too much on the blog.  We’re fairly busy with getting everything set up for the road.  Some of that “everything” is paperwork, insurance, vehicle registrations, and other “intangible” bits.  The rest is actually getting stuff physically done.

Two Jeeps

A big chunk of my time has been getting the Jeeps ready.  The new 4-door needed a bumper that was capable of being used for flat-towing.  Of course, what good is a beefy bumper without a winch and lights?  So, the winch had to come off my old Jeep, get rebuilt (it was in pretty sorry shape) and then get installed on the new Jeep.  The lights were in storage, but since the bumper was built for them, they’re on there.  Now, I need to finish off the wiring harness to allow the turn signals and brake lights to work off our RV towing setup.  Oh, an I need to wire an additional set of lights to the rack that’s going on the back (which will carry the motorcycle).  Old Jeep is going in storage for a while…  That means getting a larger storage unit, moving everything, putting as much IN the old Jeep as I can in order to save room, changing the fluids and removing the battery.

As for the RV… it’s mostly ready, but we have a fair chunk of stuff that needs rearranging.  But that will wait for a different post.

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