Big Cypress

By , April 14, 2010 3:59 pm

Note: We’re actually in Gulf Shores, AL right now… just catching up on where we’ve been.Strangler

IMG_1911After Shark Valley in the Everglades, we kept on the Tamiami Trail and headed up to Midway campground in Big Cypress National Preserve.  We found a couple campgrounds in BCNP, but Midway was the only one that indicated there was 30 amp electricity available.  Much to our surprise, it’s actually 50 amp! 🙂  This is a good thing, because our rig doesn’t run on 30 amp for some reason that we haven’t figured out yet.

Midway is actually a really nice campground. IMG_1899 It doesn’t have sewer at each site, but it has water and electric, paved sites and is very pleasant.  There is a dump site if you need it and simple bathrooms (no showers).  It’s just kind of carved out of a chunk of the forest, with the sites all situated around a “borrow pit”, complete with alligator (I’m sure there’s more than one, but that’s all we saw).

SnakeAfter getting settled in, we did some driving around on “scenic trails”.  They’re pretty much dirt roads through the forest.  But it was still interesting.  We saw several gators, plus a few snakes.  I think the snakes were eastern hognose snakes, but I can’t swear to it.  Generally, if I don’t know what a snake is, I don’t get close enough to find out the hard way. 😉

After the driving tour, we headed back to camp and I started looking around some of the pamphlets weA view from the walkway picked up.  I found we had just enough time to make it to a “night walk” on a boardwalk over a gator hole, so we headed out for that.  Even though we were a couple minutes late, there were a couple of rangers there waiting for us.  Surprisingly, we had the tour to ourselves!  The boardwalk is pretty interesting, as the terrain changes quite quickly from one end to the other.  It’s located at the Storter parking area.

Crazy FrogIt was nice and fairly interesting, even though it wasn’t completely dark until about half way through it.  The rangers were fairly young and I think they were expecting either a lot more people and/or a much younger crowd (kids).  They were nice and they knew what they knew, but I was a bit surprised by how much they didn’t know about the area and local wildlife.  I guess it can’t be helped, as they relocate to different parks all over the country.  They can’t be expected to know everything about all the southern beasties running around the swamp. 😉

We got back to the parking lot to find Star Fred setting up a computer and preparing to set up a telescope.  Star Fred is quite an interesting dude.  He’s really into stars and he can talk about them… uh… probably forever, if you let him. 😉StarFred

That just about did us in for BCNP, so we bunked out for the night and then headed up to Sanibel Island, which will probably be my next entry.

‘Till then!

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  1. ~Tara says:

    hey! you’re not in AL anymore!

  2. Jonathan says:

    That was a few days ago… I know, we’re slacking. I might update tonight. 😉

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