Another day of driving… and fixing.

By , May 8, 2010 9:54 pm

Yesterday we left the RV repair shop (which I will blog about another time) and headed for Moab.  We saw lots and lots and lots of Texas.  It just keeps going on and on.  But, eventually we made it to New Mexico!  It was then that I started to notice that we were having a bit of a hard time maintaining speed going up hills.  Since it’s pretty much uphill the entire way to Albuquerque, that was going to be an issue.

We pulled over at a rest stop and unhooked the Jeep.  Dasy would drive the Jeep and follow me to somewhere we could get someone to look at the rig.  I was pretty sure this was a minor issue, but it was one I didn’t know what to do about. 

A bit of calling around led me to a mobile repair guy who said he’d meet me on the West side of Albuquerque at a truck stop.  That was cool, except that I was on the East side and still had a lot of “uphill” to go through.  I did notice that the Dutch Star was getting significantly worse the entire time we’re chugging along uphill.  I call the guy back to tell him I’m probably not going to make it when he explains to me that I’m calling him from the last major incline.  From there, it’s about 17 miles of downhill.  So, we chug through it at about 25 mph (my apologies go out to pretty much everyone on I-40).  We finally got over the hill and headed down and through Albuquerque.  The Star had no problems at all going downhill, so we made it without any further issues. 

We parked the Star and Jim from Anytime Anywhere 24-Hour Truck Service showed up a few minutes later and started checking things out.  He then ran off to go get us a new serpentine belt, water separator and fuel filter while we grabbed some dinner at the Flying J truck stop. 

About an hour later, he shows back up and proceeds to install everything.  The fuel filters where in horrible shape!


He was pretty sure that would do the trick.  I took a test drive up a three mile long hill on I-40 and had no issues… our Jeep-pulling beastie was back!  We paid everything, gassed up, hooked up the Jeep and headed on. 

We took a somewhat scenic route and decided to just stop and “boondock” for the night.  We’ll see how well we can sleep and then head on in the morning.  We should be in Moab tomorrow night… Woot! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Another day of driving… and fixing.”

  1. Pat says:

    I hope you look back over your previous bloggs to see who dropped off replies. You said you would see how well you sleep while boondocking. I would think that some kind of motion detection security system would quell most concerns. Is there such a system available?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Pat, We always get notified of comments and generally try to reply to any that need one.

    The problem with RV’s and alarms is that most often WE are the motion that gets detected… Not such a good thing when I roll over at 3 am and wake up an entire campground. 😉 However, our RV door has a pretty hefty deadbolt lock installed, which is quite an upgrade from the cheesy little lock it came with. Any other attempts at entry would make enough noise that I’m not terribly concerned about it while we’re in the RV. Of course, if there were a real issue and I needed to get some attention, the twin air horns would probably bring plenty of people running. 🙂

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