Wash Me!

By , May 19, 2010 7:14 pm

That’s what we did, we washed The Star. It needed it.

Texas was very unkind to our vehicles. There were lots of flying bugs (as well as crawling ones) in Texas. We washed the Jeep a couple of times in Texas but after several minutes on the road again, you couldn’t tell it had been washed. On a few occasions, there were identifiable remnants on the windshield. The Star hadn’t been washed since we left Central Florida in early April. So, The Star was screaming “Wash Me!”.

Moab has at least one car wash that fitted an RV. So, we took The Star down and gave her a good washing. Actually, Jonathan did most of the work and I tried to be helpful. 🙂


It’s good to be clean. 🙂

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  1. Linda says:

    Congrats on the cleaning efforts, hope all is smelling well. I’ve owned/operated a green cleaning service for years, some of my clients were smokers…I could/would never book smokers and then go see a non smoking client.. the smoke smell invades everything, even then maid.
    As to your cleaning efforts, now that the residue of the smoke us gone, you may notice an occasional lingering smoke smell, even months after. The only thing that works at this stage, and once again, congested on getting to this stage, is essential oils. Whether you put them in a burner, add them to cleaning solutions or add them to your fabreeze bottle, they are the only thing that will completely eliminate the linger.

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