Pike Place Market

By , July 20, 2010 3:40 pm

One of the places we’d been told to see by pretty much everyone was Pike Place Market.


IMG_3091We drove into Seattle and got parking on a very steep street, as we haven’t quite figured out public transport yet.  It seems that they have a very nice light rail system here, but it doesn’t do us much good if we can’t park at a station.  I’m sure there’s something we’re missing, but I haven’t been able to figure out what.

The market was crowded and it’s hard to move.IMG_1754  I don’t like being around crowds of people and my leg was bothering me (I fell off the slackline the other day and landed badly).  In spite of that, it was interesting and the great food made up for the crowds!  We sampled a few items as we walked around, like cherries and strawberries from the fruit stand.  Generally, the fruit and food was excellent, but more costly than we’re used to in a grocery store.  I normally don’t mind paying a bit extra for freshness, but we don’t have room to store much and it’s hot enough in the RV in the afternoon to make fruit spoil pretty quickly.

Dasy had some clam strips from a little Korean store.  They were pretty good and didn’t cost that much either.  IMG_1760We saw the original Starbucks store, but declined fighting the lines of people.  Starbucks always tastes burnt or “oily” to me anyway, so I didn’t mind. Smile  We then went up to Piroshky Piroshky and ordered a cheese piroshky…  And a beef and cheese piroshky… and a sauerkraut and cabbage (with fennel seed)… and a blueberry cream.  They were awesome!  Smile

Note: Now that I’ve just thought about that, I want to go back… NOW! Confused smile

We went to a park across the street to eat our piles of piroshky and relax for a bit before heading back.  It gave us a nice view of the sound and the city. 

We were planning on wandering around and seeing a bit more of Seattle, but we settled for full bellies and a little bit of driving instead. Winking smile




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3 Responses to “Pike Place Market”

  1. Sara and Gary says:

    Is this market where the famous fish market stall is located? The one used as a model for motivating team work?

    Take care, Sara & Gary

    • Jonathan says:

      Yes, I believe the first photo of the bottom set, with the fish and ice is the one to which you are referring… it was a nightmare of flailing arms and legs just to get near enough to take the picture. 😉

  2. Great blog site. We will need to talk so we can set something like this up.

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