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By , August 24, 2010 7:21 am


While visiting Crater Lake, we stayed at Collier Memorial State Park.  We’ve already mentioned the ground squirrels there.  As you can see below, they’re quite bold little critters!  IMG_2895

In case you were wondering, Dasy wasn’t feeding him, she was just putting on her shoes.  There were a number of these little guys harassing us on a regular basis (including jumping in the barbeque pit while I was trying to light it). We originally thought they were chipmunks, but we were mistaken.  Chipmunks are technically a ground squirrel, but they’re generally smaller and their head is shaped a little different than the ground squirrels that were all over this place.  What’s the difference between a regular squirrel and a ground squirrel?  Ground squirrels generally live in burrows, not trees.  They also tend to stand on their back legs much more frequently and for longer periods than tree squirrels.

Another group of critters we spotted while camping on the way to Colorodo were antelope. 


We found out about Dugway BLM campground and settled there for the evening on our way from Crater Lake to Loveland, CO.  Dugway is about 8 miles north of Sinclair, WY on what we think is the North Platte river.  It’s a primitive campground that’s basically in the middle of nowhere.  We had one other van camper pull up a few hours after we did, but otherwise we had the place to ourselves.  The antelope pretty much steered clear of us, but I was able to get a few pictures down the road from the campground.  There were also mule deer, plenty of falcons and various other birds. 

This was probably the first “boondocking” I’ve actually liked.  It was remote enough that I wasn’t constantly disturbed by traffic noise.  We have two more boondock areas planned on our way East, so we’ll see if we can get some as nice as this one was! Smile

Our next stop was Loveland, CO.  We’ll have more about that in the next post!


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