Floor Remodeling: Day 5 (Underlayment & first boards are down)

By , December 10, 2010 3:04 pm

We finished patching and sanding from the previous day.

When shopping for our floor, we were told it doesn’t matter what you end up buying  but make sure you buy the best underlayment. So, we bought the best underlayment we found; FloorMuffler underlayment and moisture barrier. We measured and cut the underlayment for the front of the Star.

Underlayment FloorMufflerUnderlayment

We laid the first and second row of laminate planks. The first plank alone took  several cuts to get it under the step trim and around the seat belt holes. It was a lot of measuring and cutting. The first two rows took a lot of time. It is most likely going to be like this for the next few days; measure twice/thrice and cut once.




Our accomplishments on Day 5 are:

  • finished patching and sanding from previous day
  • laid underlayment
  • laid first and second rows of laminate
  • made 2 trips to hardware store
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  1. Barb says:

    I get tired just reading this! You guys are working hard!!!

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