Floor Remodeling: Day 7 and Day 8 (Almost there!)

By , December 14, 2010 4:12 pm

We made progress on Day 7 and Day 8! But we are not done. We lay most of the laminate and set up support for the main slide out area (more on this later). Here are some shots of our progress.



The slide out area is a touchy area. If you do it wrong, you are in deep doo doo. Each slide out works a little differently depending on the make/model of the unit. Sometimes you don’t know how the slide out works until you do it.

Our main slide out has five rollers and each roller rides on five steel plates that ramp up/down as the slide out comes in/goes out. The old carpet went under those steel plates. Since the laminate did not have the correct slope, we bought a general sloped wood trim that is about the same height as the laminate and put it under the  steel plates. First, we had to pry the steel plates up so that the trim would go under it. Then we sawed off excess trim so that it is flushed against the edge of the carpet. We then glued and screwed the trim under the steel plates. 

LiftingSildePlate SlopedTrimUnderSlidePlate

So, Day 7 and Day 8 we did the following:

  • laid laminate in bathroom area
  • laid laminate around the pedals and steering wheel
  • laid down about 90% of the laminate 
  • made two trips to the hardware store

Here is to an uneventful day tomorrow! We don’t like drama! Sleepy smile

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  1. Barb says:

    Amazing. It looks great. Good work!!!

  2. That is turning out to be a complicated process, but it looks fantastic.

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