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It’s too small!

By , December 2, 2009 2:37 pm

That’s what we said to a 25-foot Class C RV that weClassC_Rental rented from Cruise America earlier this year. We wanted to do a “trial run” before we bought an RV. 

If we had not visited an RV dealership and had seen what a new RV look like or what a used RV look like that is cared for, the rental experience would have turned me completely off to the idea of living in an RV. The rental RV had over 100K “hard” miles on it and it was only one or two years old. It was a very used RV, it was an abused RV. I sanitized it & bleached it before we set off on your trip.

The rental experience taught us the following:

  • A 25-foot RV is too small for us to live in
  • We do not want a Class C RV
  • We want a Class A RV

On the way we met a retired couple in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel. They were “boon docking” or dry camping in the parking lot the night before. They received permission from the manager to do so. They had a shiny 40-foot Alfa Seeya with a matching enclosed trailer. Jonathan said it was his “garage”.  The trailer did have a couple of bikes and toys for the grandkids.

Notice the sign on the lower right of the trailer, it say “Retired Kids At Play SLOW”. 🙂


They have an RV “estate” some where in Florida. They are “professional shufflers”. They offer lessons and clinics if you want to learn to play shuffle boards. 🙂


They have been “full timing” or living in it for a couple of years. I distinctively remember asking him how long the RV was. He said it was a 40-foot diesel pusher and “very easy to drive, especially with the backup camera”. He also said that you need at least “36-40 foot RV if you plan on living in it full time”.  While he was talking size, all I thought about was that is HUGE! The size intimidated me.

After living in our 30-foot RV (with no slide-out) for a few months now…I am thinking he may be right.

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