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By , April 5, 2010 6:11 pm

That applies to the shuttle and ourselves. 😉

We officially started “being mobile” last night.  We drove from our previous long-term parking spot in Ocklawaha to Titusville yesterday afternoon.  We arrived in Titusville and got set up at a restaurant parking lot with several other RVs.  We met some great people who share my “geekness” and then got up early this morning to watch shuttle mission STS-131 launch. 


We watched the lift-off from the top of the RV and had a pretty sweet view.  We’ll post more pictures and maybe a video once we get some power.

Right now, we’re parked in Florida City with no electricity and a hi-jacked wifi connection.  When we get to a powered location, we’ll tackle the rest of the pictures and posting.  My desktop is the only machine we have that can process hi-res video and it needs to be plugged in to do it. :S

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