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Portland and Vancouver

By , August 14, 2010 10:43 am

We spent about a week in Portland, OR.  Actually, we were in Vancouver, WA, but that’s just across the river from Portland.  We met some great people in Vancouver at the nearby congregation. We didn’t originally plan to spend that long here, but a number of coincidences changed our schedule a bit…  More about that later.


Portland is a pretty cool town.  There’s not much traffic for a city this size, once you’re downtown.  IMG_2683There are a lot of public transport options and a lot of people use bicycles to commute.  It’s a town that’s known for being “green”.  Unfortunately, that means parking for four-wheeled vehicles is a bit of a premium.  Just keep it in mind if you’re visiting.  Be prepared to park somewhere then walk to where you want to go.

IMG_2689We started by doing a guided walking tour, by Portland Walking Tours (I’ll supply a link later when I have a decent connection).  It was interesting and a good way to see the downtown areas.  It was a good introduction and gave us an idea of what we might want to do for the rest of our trip here.  I’d say it’s worth the cost if you don’t mind walking a bit.

At the end of our walking tour, we went back to where our Jeep was parked and had lunch.  The parking lots in the area are surrounded by little food booths of just about every ethnic variety you can imagine.  The food was pretty inexpensive and almost everything was cooked up as you order.  I ended up having something that was kind of Bulgarian, but I forgot what it was called.  It was basically a sausage, but made with some kind of thin dough as the wrapping instead IMG_3683of the usual sausage skin.  The whole thing was wrapped in a spiral, steamed and then grilled.  It could have been a bit spicier, but was good and plenty filling.  Dasy opted for some Thai Drunken Noodles, which were also pretty tasty, but I prefer the thin rice noodle dishes.  A couple next to us ordered a teriyaki chicken and rice bowl which looked and smelled incredible, so we snagged an order of that to go as well.  Our original assessment was correct… it was awesome!

IMG_2721We spent another day at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and we also did a drive around Washington Park.  Washington Park is sort of a big collection of smaller parks.  It would probably be great for day hiking and/or biking, although it’s a bit hilly.  OMSI is one of the better science-type museums in the area (way better than Seattle), but it also reinforced our belief that we’ve been spoiled by the Smithsonians in Washington DC.  There’s a lot of hands-on stuff for kids, but there were some decent exhibits tucked away that we enjoyed as well.  The temporary Einstein exhibit was kind of cool, but I suspect it’s a bit too “deep” for the average bear and kid just walked right through it because there wasn’t really a lot that they could mess with there.  It made a valiant effort at explaining some of Einstein’s theories and I don’t think there would be many ways to do a better job.

Unfortunately, our plans got tossed out the window after that.  We ordered a couple packages that turned out to take a lot longer to arrive than we expected.  The campground we were at was completely booked, so we ended up having to move to another while awaiting the shipment.  It didn’t help that I caught some kind of nasty stomach bug or something.  I spent three or four days moping and trying to keep some small amount of food in me, while Dasy did her best not to get frustrated with me.  I’m still not completely up to snuff, but at least I can get out and do stuff now.





Yes, it’s a pickle.

Pike Place Market

By , July 20, 2010 3:40 pm

One of the places we’d been told to see by pretty much everyone was Pike Place Market.


IMG_3091We drove into Seattle and got parking on a very steep street, as we haven’t quite figured out public transport yet.  It seems that they have a very nice light rail system here, but it doesn’t do us much good if we can’t park at a station.  I’m sure there’s something we’re missing, but I haven’t been able to figure out what.

The market was crowded and it’s hard to move.IMG_1754  I don’t like being around crowds of people and my leg was bothering me (I fell off the slackline the other day and landed badly).  In spite of that, it was interesting and the great food made up for the crowds!  We sampled a few items as we walked around, like cherries and strawberries from the fruit stand.  Generally, the fruit and food was excellent, but more costly than we’re used to in a grocery store.  I normally don’t mind paying a bit extra for freshness, but we don’t have room to store much and it’s hot enough in the RV in the afternoon to make fruit spoil pretty quickly.

Dasy had some clam strips from a little Korean store.  They were pretty good and didn’t cost that much either.  IMG_1760We saw the original Starbucks store, but declined fighting the lines of people.  Starbucks always tastes burnt or “oily” to me anyway, so I didn’t mind. Smile  We then went up to Piroshky Piroshky and ordered a cheese piroshky…  And a beef and cheese piroshky… and a sauerkraut and cabbage (with fennel seed)… and a blueberry cream.  They were awesome!  Smile

Note: Now that I’ve just thought about that, I want to go back… NOW! Confused smile

We went to a park across the street to eat our piles of piroshky and relax for a bit before heading back.  It gave us a nice view of the sound and the city. 

We were planning on wandering around and seeing a bit more of Seattle, but we settled for full bellies and a little bit of driving instead. Winking smile




Food, Family and Friends = Fun

By , July 4, 2010 2:51 pm

What more can you ask for?

My summer visit is coming to an end. I can’t believe I’ve been here for a month!?! It’s been great! I’m ready to return home to my hubby. 🙂

I saw so many friends, got to eat lots of  delicious food (Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Seafood,  home cooked and grilled,  and much much more…) and saw lots of family. It’s been so good to see so many familiar, friendly faces.

CrabHouseGang Endo1  GroupEndoSushi Ireland2010  RiveraGang RojasCouple  KlosemeKurtz

And I helped my little sister and her hubby with getting their house in order. I have mowed, sanded, painted, screwed in nails and cleaned and cleaned. It’s finally coming together! Hurray!

KurtzHomeBeginning KurtzATHome

I’m coming home soon!

A couple days at Sanibel Island – Florida

By , April 26, 2010 11:52 am

After the rainAfter our stay in the Everglades and south Florida, we needed to work our way back up the coast as we made some kind of progress towards Texas.  One of our stopping points was Sanibel Island, Florida.  Parked

We don’t have many pictures and we didn’t do much.  This was mostly just a nice place for us to wind down for a couple days after all the non-stop activity of the Keys, the ‘Glades and Big Cypress.  We did some very minor RV maintenance, ate some good food and went bike riding (with just a little bit of shopping thrown in to keep Dasy happy). 😉

Be warned, the ground get’s very soft when it rains.  I came back from somewhere to find the TW laying down on the job. I had to put a cutting board under the kickstand to stop it from sinking.  I should have just left the TW on the hitch rack.  The one time I took it out, it ran out of gas and I had to push it back.  Of course, if I’d paid a little more attention, I might have realized that I didn’t have the fuel petcock turned on correctly. :S  Lesson learned.


Dinner!The Seafood Combo from the Island Cow…  very tasty and enough for both of us. 🙂

PeriwinklePeriwinkle Park

Signs for Periwinkle Park, the only RV spot we could find on the island.  The signs are easy
to miss, especially in traffic when you need to stop a 38’ motorhome and a Jeep.

Five Fingers

A little shopping…  I tried on some Vibram Five Fingers.  Right size, but I didn’t like the style.  You can find out more about them at if you’re interested.

After the rains…  Drainage is a bit of an issue when you’re already at sea level.  This is one of the main roads through the park.  It was probably eight inches at the deepest point.


Nice yard

Nature’s windshield washer fluid – It rained, which got all the Everglade’s bugs “unstuck”.  I took advantage of it to do a much needed windshield cleaning. I was standing on the Jeep bumper and I still couldn’t reach the top. 🙁


Note: We’re still playing ‘catch up’ on the blog. I’m posting this from Texas about two weeks after our actual stay there.

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