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Partially Homeless…

By , June 1, 2010 5:33 pm


What you’re seeing is a picture of my office for the next few days…  actually, it’s the drivers lounge at a Freightliner repair shop I’m at.  I may be spending a fair bit of time here.

On the way to Yellowstone, our ABS light came on.  When driving a 30,000 pound RV with a Jeep and motorcycle attached to it on mountain roads with potential snow, I want my ABS system to work!  So, I’m at a Freightliner dealer getting a few things fixed.  I don’t know how long I’ll be here yet, as they haven’t given me an idea of what’s going on yet.  The RV has been plugged into computers for most of the day and heads have been disappearing into various engine bays and hatches every time I’ve looked. 

Unfortunately, all the Yellowstone pictures are on the big computer in the RV, so I can’t finish my entries until I can get plugged back in somewhere. :(  I might be able to get the computer up sometime tonight to transfer all the pictures to my little laptop.  If so, I’ll be spending some quality time typing at a local coffee shop somewhere. 

Unfortunately, that’s a little difficult…  I managed to slice my knuckle open this morning when I was clearing out the RV for the workers.  It’s not quite bad enough for stitches, but it’s close…  it’s my own fault, I wasn’t paying attention when I was cutting something. 

Dasy went back to Northern Virginia for a bit, mostly to visit friends, so we figured this would be the best time to get all our maintenance done.  Hopefully, I’ll be all healed up and we’ll have a lot of things fixed on the Star when she gets back. 😉

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