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The Return Home

By , July 26, 2009 7:58 am

Days 2 and 3 were both fairly uneventful. 

We left Little Black Creek Water Park around 7 am and headed north on I-59.  We stayed on I-59 until Chattanooga, then we picked up I-75 for a bit.  We followed that north to I-81 at Knoxville, which put us on the main road that would get us the rest of the way home.

We decided to call it a night and found Baileyton RV Park (N36 20.341 W82 49.393).  It’s a nice little place, but we chose it because we were overdue for some power and internet connections (they have WiFi).  The site was slightly sloped, but otherwise it’s a nice place. 

We took a walk around the park, mostly checking out other motorhomes.  We had a few short conversations with other guests, then went back to our RV to clean up and get ready for bed.

Showers were in order, so I turned on the hot water heater.  About 20 minutes later, Dasy checked it and reported that “it’s kinda warm”.  That was good enough to take a shower in my opinion, so she went first.  She came took a very quick shower and came out to report that the hot water “isn’t”.  Turns out that the hot water heater wasn’t working at all.  I checked other gas appliances, and none of them were working either.  I called the dealer (at around 9pm) and Marilyn walked me through checking all the safety switches and valves.  Apparently the safety solenoid needed to be reset.  I did so and the hot water kicked right on.  At least I had a hot shower. 😉

Day 3 was just a straight shot up I-81 to I-66 then dealing with the traffic around DC.  Nothing important or interesting to relate, just a long but safe trip home. 

I parked the RV at the curb (I’m sure all the neighbors loved that).  We have plans to get it on the driveway later, but with a 15 degree slope, it ain’t gonna be easy.

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