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Guest Post: Roadtripping

By , February 27, 2010 8:30 pm

Editors note: We were approached by Tripbase and asked to do a guest post on behalf of their site,  After checking the site, it seems like something our readers might find interesting, so we agreed.  So, without further ado, here is our first “guest” post! 🙂

Traffic Jam

Chris Zwierzynski, from shares some expert advice on roadtripping.

The very first road trip dates all the way back to the time of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II and so occurred because he took it upon himself to ride his chariot over the course of a single night, on the way back from Memphis. Imagine how far that must have been when you’re not in a car or plane, but just being pulled along by some horses? That was one determined road tripper.

Perhaps even ever since that time, road trips have long become a nigh-on integral part of the human experience, with many a person taking time out to carefully plan, strategize and execute fantastic road trips of their own. Sometimes, people even embark on road trips with little to no planning whatsoever, leading to a spontaneous burst of road trip-related freedom, but a nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable and life-enhancing experience. Carl Jung, that most famous of thinkers, even stated that the humble road trip was a “persistent element of human culture”; a sentiment that I – for one – tend to agree with, especially after seeing the prevalence of road trips in modern society these days. That and they’re awesome fun, of course.

Whatever you might think about road trips in general, it is an inarguable fact that not only do they have an important role as an integral part of the human existence, but they are also rapidly becoming an incredibly popular pastime for many, many people the world over. Road trips – long seen as the journey part of a vacation – are becoming much more than they used to be and instead of being but a fraction of the entire vacation, they ARE the vacation, with friends and/or family journeying on the open roads in their vehicle of choice, experiencing nothing but the good times and what whatever the road may have in store for them.

Also, in the blogosphere, you even have the increasing prevalence of road tripping blogs (much like this one, in fact!), which is just one indication of how increasingly popular the activity of going on road trips is becoming. Here you have a number of bloggers not telling you about their vacations in exotic locales, but rather the details and planning that go into their road trips and then when that part is over, you’re informed of the journey and just the journey, because we all know that the journey IS the road trip.

If you happen to be inclined to embark upon a road trip of you own, then you shouldn’t look for an excuse or a reason to go on a road trip, you should just GO. Carpe diem – seize the day – and make the most of what life has to offer by going on a road trip with some good friends. You’ll be the envy of everyone you’ve temporarily left behind, because you’ll be out on the open road, living life in precisely the way it was meant to be: exactly the way you want, uninterrupted.

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