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The Dutch Star Space = Happiness

By , December 4, 2009 6:40 am

We are both happy about the space in the Dutch Star (I keep on wanting to call it the Death Star!).

We like the layout, the space, the neutral palette and the leather furniture. The two slides make a huge difference. I can actually do my exercise/stretches without being too concern where I place my hands and feet. Yeah!

It’s got a brand new pillow-top mattress (full size queen bed, 60” X 79.5”)  that meets Federal fire Safety Standards (CFR 1633).  The Star has leather chairs for driver and passenger. It’s also got a “J Lounge” love seat and an fabric Flexsteel Magic Bed Sleeper Sofa (82” wide).

We are keeping the protective plastic runner on until we are done cleaning and moving.

Here are some inside pictures of the Star.

Main1 Main2 Kitchen

 BR1 BR2br3

Some minor modifications…

By , December 3, 2009 12:25 pm

After thinking about the previous post, we decided to do smthng about the size of the Storm…  We stretched it a bit, added a few slides, tossed a bigger engine in and called it a day.

Newmar2Actually, we bought a 38 foot Newmar Dutch Star.  ;)  It’s a diesel pusher (meaning the engine is in the back) with two slides.  One slide is for the living area, the other for the bedroom.  Even with the slides in (closed), it’s a lot larger than the Storm.  Enough that we felt comfortable and not cramped with four of us chilling out (the parental units came to check it out the night we got it).


The Star drives much better, is way more comfortable and is in better condition than the Storm.  Most importantly, it has a LOT of room!  It feels more like an apartment than a camper.


As you can see from the reflection in the picture, our Storm is still here.  We’re going to be doing some minor fixes and customizing to the Star, then moving all our stuff over.  Once we’re done with that, the Storm gets shuttled off to the dealer we got the Star from and he’ll sell it for us.  With the fixes and minor upgrades we did to the Storm, we’re hoping to get back out of it what we have in it without taking a loss. 

In short, it’s a lesson learned.  We made an educated guess on the kind of unit we’d need and came up short (hehe).  We’ve got a few days before we can call the Star “home”, but we’ll be posting up more about it as we go.  Right now, it’s being fumigated and waiting for an electrician to upgrade the connection to 50 amp. 🙂

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