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Looking Back at 2009

By , January 7, 2010 9:59 am


Now that we’re officially in our RV and the year has ended, we figured we’d post up a recap of the stuff that we did in 2009.  This is the start of our adventures on the road, and we figured some of you might want to see what was involved and the timing of our travels.

  • March 20th – Visited RV showroom
  • Jun 9th-19th – Rented 25 ft RV, drove to Florida for a reunion, stopped at Cheoah Point and the Outer Banks on the way.
  • Jun 22nd – Bought the 30′ Fleetwood Storm
  • Jun 29th – Contacted our realtor about renting our house
  • July 13th – Met up with Chris and Cheri of
  • July 16th-19th – Flew to Texas to pick up the Storm, stayed at Little Black Water Creek on the way back.
  • July 19th – Subscribed to AAA RV Plus coverage
  • July 22nd – "" web site went live
  • July 27th – Announced the plan to most of our friends and family
  • July 31st – Jonathan’s last day of work
  • Aug 3rd – Replace stereo, add surge suppressor, other minor improvements, front brake starts sticking
  • Aug 4th – Towed to shop to fix front brakes and parking brake
  • Aug 7th – House officially listed for rental
  • Aug 13th – House driveway resealed
  • Aug 12th-17th – Drove the Storm to Gatlinburg, TN for a family reunion, inadvertently spent the night on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way down, replaced cabinet handles while waiting for tow truck. 😉
  • Aug 17th – Had our back deck refinished at the house
  • Aug 17th – Realtor called about possible renter, wanted to discuss price and qualifications
  • Aug 18th – Had new windshield installed on the Storm
  • Sept 9th – Sold the FJR, the bigger of my two motorcycles
  • Oct 15th – House officially rented out
  • Oct 15th – 22nd – Officially started "full-timing".  Stayed at Bull Run Regional Park.
  • Oct 23rd – 27th – Relocated to Pocahontas State Park.
  • Oct 27th – Sold Dasy’s Lexus.
  • Oct 28th – 29th – Stayed at RV Resort on Hilton Head Island (we still have to write that up)
  • Oct 29th – Arrived in Florida, set up in my parents back yard
  • Nov 9th – Became official Florida residents
  • December 1st – Bought the Newmar Dutch Star
  • December 8th – Storm listed for sale
  • Dec 21 – Dec 28th – Went to Sarasota, burned up Jeep parking brake, visited friends and family, stayed at Sun ‘N Fun RV resort.  Met Duncan and Jessica of

The Aquisition

By , July 24, 2009 8:47 pm

Our RV is a 1999 Fleetwood Storm 29V.  It’s actually 30 feet long, but it’s on a 29 foot frame, so it’s a 29V.  We bought it on eBay from a dealer I’d been watching for months.  The dealer had excellent feedback, good prices, offered a warranty and did a lot of upgrading to the units they offered.  The Storm popped up on eBay and seemed pretty close to perfect for us.  Small enough to park in National Parks (they often have a 35 foot limit), big enough to live in comfortably and laid out brilliantly.  I’ll go into the layout in a future post, as it’s kind of different than most others I’ve seen.

I called the dealer to ask some questions, then we pulled the trigger and bought it.  Don’t ask how much… that’s kind of like asking how much someone makes or how old someone is.  For what it is, it was cheap.  That’s all I’m saying on that.

We then flew down to Texas to pick up the RV.  Marilyn (the dealer) picked us up at the airport and took us back to her lot.  She, her husband Kevin, and all their staff were great.  The only thing we would have really liked a bit more was a thorough walkthrough of how everything worked.  We got a very quick rundown, but we later learned that there was a lot more to know about.

We stayed in the lot that day while they did some minor work and installed a few extras we wanted (like a backup camera and an outside shower).  We also ran to the store a few times and out to dinner, but otherwise just prepared for the trip home.

We left the next morning, guided by a GPS and some map software on Dasy’s laptop.  Our main goals the first day were to go 500 miles and to stop at Camping World for some supplies and extra equipment we wanted for the RV.

We found a Camping World at Hammond, LA (N30 28.924 W90 32.756), where we picked up a bunch of stuff.  The main things we were looking for were a pressure regulator and a surge suppressor for the RV.  I’ll probably post something up about those two some other time, they’re stuff you should know about if you have an RV.

After spending some time there, we continued East to Slidell, then North up I-59. View over the lake at Little Black Creek Water Park Luckily, one of the things we picked up was a Woodall’s Camping Directory.  Around 7:30 (later than we’d hoped, partially due to some horrible traffic) we managed to find Little Black Creek Water Park in Lumberton, MS (N31 05.105 W89 29.425).  It’s a county park that has a LOT of spots.  We paid the extra $2 for a lakeside lot, although it wouldn’t have mattered too much…  It would have been a nice spot no matter where we ended up.

The first real night in the RV went well with a few minor exceptions…  I couldn’t get the water connected correctly, so I managed to get fairly well soaked several times when I turned it on.  I also found out that we have a pretty nasty plumbing leak when we use the pump.  Oh, and I couldn’t fill the water tanks from the city water connection.  Lots of stuff I’m going to have to figure out. :S

That was pretty much day one of the trip…  Days two and three to come soon!

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