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The Berkshires and Zip Lining

By , September 14, 2010 8:46 am

We left Rochester, NY area and are making our way to Maine. David and Brenda from has been such good hosts and traveling buddies. They took us to see our second Great Lakes, Lake Ontario at the Port of Rochester. And I got to taste three different flavors of milkshakes (from Jonathan, David and Brenda) even though I didn’t order any milkshake. :) 



Our first stop was in Verona, NY at the Turning Point Campground. That night we went out to a churrascaria restaurant. After dinner, Brenda and I wanted to take some pictures of the guys but they kept making faces. We all had a laughing fit; our stomachs hurt from too much food and too much laughing. We ended the night by enjoying a movie at David and Brenda’s RV Home Theater called Runaway Vacation or RV starring Robin Williams which we had never seen before, go figure! It was a hoot!

IMG_4195 IMG_4196

Our second stop was in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. We traveled on the Mohawk Trail. There was one hair pin turn, some twisty roads and good scenery. It was too early for fall foliage. We look forward to seeing fall foliage at Bar Harbor.

    IMG_4205  Mohawk Trail

We camped at Country Aire Campground in Charlemont for two nights so that we can go zip lining. Zoar Outdoor Canopy Tours did a great job! We all had a blast! Later on that afternoon, we went into the town of Shelburne Falls for a nice stroll on the Flower Bridge. We also dined at Goulds Sugar-House Restuarant the morning before we checked out. The pancakes were good!

IMG_4217 IMG_4231 IMG_4235 IMG_4246 IMG_4267 IMG_4302 IMG_4315 IMG_4320 

Bar Harbor here we come!

Fun with Zip Lines

By , August 20, 2009 12:01 pm

The day we arrived in Gatlinburg, we went zip lining with the family at Zip Gatlinburg.  I had the camcorder and got some decent shots of everyone on the lines.  I had to strap it to my wrist, so I didn’t get any good shots of me zipping, but I tossed in one very jerky clip just for kicks.  The video is about 5 minutes, shot at various resolutions.  I’m still figuring out how my camera, video software and Youtube interact, so there it’s letterboxed.  I think it’s actually YouTube that’s doing that, as the rendered video is fine.  I may swap this out for the Blip.Tv player if it’s any better once this is uploaded.

The long way to Gatlinburg

By , August 15, 2009 12:44 pm

We’re currently about 20 miles outside Gatlinburg, in a log cabin on the side of a mountain.  SANY0022 We’re here for a family reunion and to just get away for a bit before we have to get back to managing the house and RV. 

We did about 40 miles on Skyline Drive, then about 5 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Apparently the RV really liked the BRP because it decided to spend the night.  The rear caliper started sticking, so we pulled into the visitor center and checked with the rangers.  There wasn’t much they could do and no tow trucks were available until the morning.  The rangers were fine with us staying the night, so we settled in and had a nice, peaceful night on the BRP. 🙂

The next morning we got towed back to Waynesboro. IMG_1378 Rice Auto took excellent care of us and spent most of the day either working on the rear brakes or finding replacement parts.  The mechanic eventually drove about 40 miles to get a new caliper for us.  Mr. Rice was nice enough to put up with us asking silly questions, poking around his shop and generally being underfoot. They’re really an excellent shop that would rather do something right than to do it fast.  If I’m ever in the area again and need work, that’s where I’ll stop every time.  I can’t recommend them enough!

We got underway around 6pm and headed south on I-81.  We eventually stopped at Fort Chiswell RV park.  Power, water, wifi…  was good for tired drivers.  The next morning we made it the rest of the way and parked at the bottom of the mountain where the family had the cabins.  We were pressed for time and didn’t know if we get the RV up the mountain in time for to make it to a family event. 

The event was zip-lining!  It was pretty cool, but I would have preferred some longer runs.  IMG_1430Still, it was time well spent with family we don’t see very often.  It was a new experience for most people there, but everyone had fun and screaming was at a minimum. 😉

We headed back to the RV, and I hustled it up the hill.  No problems, just toss it into a low gear and step on the gas.  Getting down will probably be slightly more interesting, but I don’t expect any problems.

We’ll be here until Monday, then we head back home so we can do more to get the house ready and to fix a few more things on the RV. 

‘Till next time!

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