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Welcome to We Go Far Real Estate Photography!

We Go Far is a real estate photography and media company in Saint Johns, Florida.  We provide all the media and market imaging an active agent or broker needs.  From our HDR listing photography to our aerial and video services, we provide real value to our clients through our reliability, quality and media.

We know you work hard to build your real estate brand, and we make sure we always do our best to make you look your best!

HDR Photography

$130   •   25 Photos
$150   •   36 Photos
$170   •   50 Photos
$110   •   Rental Pkg

  • Stunning high dynamic range photography of the property, including interior and exterior shots.
  • Each photo is individually edited with and reviewed before completion.
  • Rental package includes 12-20 photos suitable for VRBO or apartments – If more are desired please select a larger package.

Aerial Photography

$90   •  Aerial Photos
$100   •   Aerial Video

  • Photos includes at least 6 drone photos.
  • Aerial video includes unedited raw footage if ordered alone, or video will be added in to full edited video when ordered with our 1 or 2-minute video.
  • Ideal for showing views, acreage, beach access, waterfront and more.
  • All flights completed by FAA licensed and insured commercial drone pilot.

Cinematic Videography

$200   •  1-Minute Video
$300   •   2-Minute Video
$80   •   Agent Intro or Tour
$100   •   Aerial Video
$200   •   Agent Marketing Video

  • Standard videos include both interior and exterior footage.
  • Standard videos will be set to music with appropriate transitions.
  • Agent Intro or Tour adds agents voice to video tour or follows the agent through a walkthrough
  • Professional audio equipment will be provided for agent tours or voiceovers.
  • Agent marketing videos can be used as “video business cards” or other promotional material


$150   •   Twilight photo shoot (4-6)
$30 •   Virtual Twilight photos (each)

  • Twilight shoots provide at least 4 early evening photos, recommended for well lit properties, requires additional appointment
  • Virtual twilights are digitally created from daylight photos and do not require an additional appointment, call if you have other requirements.

3D Tours & Plans

$175   •   Up to 3,500 Sq Ft.
+$40 per 1,000 sq ft beyond 3,500 Sq Ft.
$50   •   Add 3D Dollhouse Floorplan

  • Shows the property in 3D space and allows potential buyers to explore the listing virtually.
  • Each room is photographed in 360 degrees from multiple spots to capture all details.
  • Matterport is our usual delivery platform, but we also offer Zillow and other providers as needed.
  • 3D floorplan add-on is created from photos of the 3D tour with labels added

2D Plans & Measurements

$60   •   Detailed floorplan and measurements
$25   •   MLS Room Measurements

  • Full video scans of the entire house are used to generate 2D plans
  • MLS measurements are quickly laser measured to meet the requirements of certain MLS systems


$30   •   Marketing kit and Property Web Site
$50   •   Community Amenities

  • Marketing kit includes images and video already formatted for reposting on social media sites, a full custom web site to showcase the property and features, fully customizeable print material including brochures and sales flyers.
  • Community amenities include shared community features like pools, parks, clubhouse and playgrounds

Digital Enhancements

FREE   •   Sky replacements
FREE   •   Fire in fireplaces
FREE   •   Virtual TV screens
$35   •   Driveway Cleanup
$35   •   Approximate Lot Lines (Video)
$30   •   Virtual Staging

  • We include free sky replacement, lit fireplaces and virtual TV screens when we believe it’s appropriate, but we’ll note your preferences for future shoots
  • Lot lines can be included for photos at no charge, fee above is only for video
  • Staging price is per photo and can be added to an existing photo shoot.  Turnaround is 24 hours after selecting finished photos to stage.
  • Call us for virtual staging, we must manually add that to your order!

Professional Headshots

Sessions starting at $250

  • Each purchased headshot includes multiple crops and Black & White versions at no extra charge.
  • Call for group pricing!
  • Details on our Headshot Page

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